ShipMates: Marooned

A Queer Dating Sim/Visual Novel starring a non-binary protagonist.

A visual novel/dating sim about Skyler, an adventurous college student who's not quite sure what they want to do with their life. While out sailing with their childhood best friend Blair, they get caught up in a storm and wash up on the short of a mysterious island. Will they survive? Will they escape? Or are they stuck on this island forever?

The demo was made for My First Game Jam over the course of one week with a small team. Since the release of the demo, the team has shrunk even more. This version of the demo includes the first 3 chapters, which introduce the story, all the characters, and lead up to the dating paths.

Because of the time dedication, the small size of the team, and the fact that we all have busy lives outside of the game, progress is slow going. However, we still have every intention to finish the game.